TFM TV - s05e05 - FX Exposure Visualization

Our newest episode is online. See how easy it is to visualize cash flows, hedges and net exposures using TFM and Microsoft Power BI.

Regulation 385 - good news for corporate treasuries

Regulatory relief for corporate treasuries and good news concerning cash pools and I/C financing (Source: AFP)

The Global Risk Report 2016

This is absolutely worth reading. And worth a consideration when it comes to enterprise risk management and the right conclusions. Download.

EMIRate - who will be client no. 100?

Last week we signed our 99th EMIRate client. So, who will be no. 100? Don't wait too long, we have a surprise for you.

TFM and Microsoft Power BI - The Making Of

Since seeing is believing, we recorded a video of the generation of a report based on TFM data.

The callenge: You want a report showing where (entities, regions) the cash tied up on non-pooled bank accounts is (compared with pooled accounts), by counterparty (bank) and bank group, all on an interactive map, indicating where to look first, also available on smart devices?

How long do you think does it take to create such a report?

Hours? Days?

2:20. Two minutes, twenty seconds.


See yourself. We recommend switching to full screen mode.

TFM and Microsoft Power BI - a powerful couple

Microsoft Power BI is a fairly new product (as part of Office 365, free desktop version or mobile app). It has some truly amazing features and is as easy to use as TFM. Have a look here. Data analysis and visualization has never been easier.

Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein

As EEA-member countries, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein will have to adopt EMIR into their national legislations. The interesting aspect is that they will have to do this at the same time with the same effective dates. Since the introduction of EMIR in these countries induces changes of the national constitutions that require a respective decision by the national governments, this process is still ongoing and no final dates have been decided yet. If you want to be kept updated with regards to this topic, please sign up for our newsletter and / or check back on our website.

After the forecast is before the forecast

Cash flow forecast ready? Check. Quite often this is the end of the process, although the much more exciting part could begin now. E.g. with the question 'and, if ... not?'.

With our tools, in combination with TFM, scenario simulation and calculations are as easy as 1, 2, 3. Export, play, compare and re-import if you like.

From budget to forecast

First REMIT client signed

Our first client using our REMIT-service signed the SLA yesterday. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation with FrieslandCampina.

REGIS-TR to become repository for FinfraG-Reporting

REGIS-TR today announced that they have submitted a letter of intent to the Swiss regulatory authority FINMA to become a recognised foreign trade repository in Switzerland. This will allow market participants to use REGIS-TR to report derivatives trades as required under the Swiss FinfraG regulation.

We expect our clients and of course other Swiss entities to be able to use our platform and service to report all trades that will not be reported by their counterparties (e.g. foreign banks).

EMIR backloading service

More and more clients like our headache-free backloading service. Should you have trades that nobody will report for you, we do. For more information please contact us at

New EMIRate clients ...

Year-end rally picks up speed. Today we signed new EMIRate clients from Austria, Finland and Sweden.

ESMA publishes final report to the EU commission

ESMA have released the final version of their report to the EU commission.

The document (a 90 pages thriller) can be found here.

The EU commission now has three months to respond.

The most important aspects and/or changes for NFC-s in a nutshell (please note that these are - for the time being - just recommendations by ESMA):

1. No exemption of intra-group trades, dual-sided reporting for all counterparties / trades still necessary (both aspects have not even been mentioned in the report).

2. Backloading period extended to five years (instead of three years)- some market participants hoped that the backloading obligation will be abandoned, which is obviously not the case.

3. All counterparties will have to report a so-called 'corporate sector' - this will be supported by EMIRate

4. Last, but not least a - as we think - really funny aspect - for options, in the future the strike price has to be reported as notional. We had to look twice, we rubbed our eyes, but it still was there, black on white. Interesting, Watson!

As mentioned before, these are just proposals. We don't accept any bets, but firmly believe that this will come as proposed by ESMA.

Treasury-Reporting with Excel

One of our clients uses one of the leading TMS products, which does it's job in the day-to-day work. When it comes to more complex and to some extent maybe individual reporting requirements, limits can be reached quickly.

Based on (not so nicely formatted) data exports which require quite some additional 'tuning' first in order to make sure that e.g. dates are dates and not text strings, we have build a very easy -to-use reporting tool for literally everything related to loans and interest rate risk.

Some of the key features:

  • A complete database including all capital, interest and margin cash flows of loans and interest derivatives
  • All amounts in transaction and freely selectable target currencies
  • Sophisticated maturity profiles / debt development
  • Counterparty analysis
  • Scenario calculation (impact on interest payments) based on highly configurable yield curves
  • Use of market data provided by a market data workstation
  • Budget calculation
  • Simulated transactions (refinancing)
  • Charts, charts, charts
  • Automated generation of pdf-files with reports and charts
  • Sending of reports to pre-defined lists of recipients out of Excel
  • Validations and consistency checks
  • ...

This is the dahsboard: