Watch out for our Christmas special that we prepare for the treasury world. The service's name starts with a 'b' and ends with a 'y' - more to come soon!

TFM 'on premise' - First client

A first client (Switzerland-based) selected TFM 'on premise'. Our focus will still remain on the Cloud, but there now is an alternative for those companies that want to keep all data in-house.

New clients ...

... retail and show business. The latter something new for us and exciting. It's all about forecasting, cash flow ...

New client in Switzerland

A new client in Switzerland decided to start with us the evaluation of the existing TMS solution and the preparation of a concept for the future system setup in treasury.

TFM campaign

... but "Information is Queen" - TFM campaign, sneak preview

A TFM-client ...

"This is why TFM has quickly become an indispensible management tool for us." This is why we do what we do.

Satisfied customers ...

... return. New consulting projects with existing clients in May. 

Kick-off with new client

Today kick-off with new client in Northern Germany. 

TFM on YouTube

Watch TFM videos in our YouTube-channel.

First Swiss TFM-client

The first Swiss TFM-client starts with the collection of static data of 100+ subsidiaries.

New TFM videos

New videos added - TFM TV - user-friendly, quick and fresh. Just TFM. 

New clients and projects

Two new clients, based in Austria, decided to work with Treamo.

Wolfgang Scheiblauer

We are delighted to be able to welcome Wolfgang Scheiblauer on board as a partner at Treamo. Wolfgang, who has more than 15 years' experience in treasury consulting as well as a proven track record in IT-related issues and considerable expertise in the area of cash logistics, will be supporting Treamo with immediate effect. 

First TFM-client live

Next week the first client (Germany) will go live with TFM. 

An article worth reading

... "Best practices in cash flow forecasting" - published in gtnews - http://www.gtnews.com/article/8562.cfm