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Project Calculator

This tool is mainly designed for e.g. projects where one might have cash flows in different (foreign) currencies, but it can be used for the simple calculation of forward rates based on linear interpolation as well.

The idea is to capture all expected flows in one table and to create a cash forecast by curreny. E.g. budget rates can be used as benchmarks in order to find out whether a forward rate is below or above the benchmark rate and therefore potentially generates a profit or a loss (if rates remain at the same level).

Please note that this currently is just a prototype, feedback is always welcome.

Edit August 12, 2015 - Issues with decimal separator '.' fixed.

Edit January 16, 2017 - BYR replaced by BYN (Belarus Ruble).

FX Rates

Follow up to 15 FX rates against a freely selectable base currency. Market rates are provided via a web service and updated every 60 minutes.

The calculation of cross rates is supported as well as the option to set individual alarms (limits, deviation in %).

Populating a spreadsheet with FX rates for sure is not rocket science. However, together with the market data this can be a useful option for colleagues not having direct access to market data or colleagues in subsidiaries abroad, who can select their functional currency and will get the respective rates (based on EUR rates).

Edit August 12, 2015 - Issues with decimal separator '.' fixed, inverted rates added.

Edit January 16, 2017 - BYR replaced by BYN (Belarus Ruble)

Edit February 8, 2018 - MRO replaced by MRU (Mauritania Ouguiya)
                                       - new CNH (Chinese Yuan Renminbi - offshore)
                                       - new SSP (South Sudanese Pound)
                                       - new STN (São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra)

ECB Rates

Daily download of the ECB reference foreign exchange rates (against EUR)

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