FinfraG - Trades between NFCs will have to be reported

According to today's decision by the Swiss Council of States, trades between NFCs (e.g. group-internal trades) will fall under the reporting obligation.

Press release (German only).

EMIR - How to migrate from any other repository to REGIS-TR

REGIS-TR have published a migration guide, explaining the necessary steps if a market participant considers the option of migrating from any other repository to REGIS-TR.

We support this process by helping the participant to upload still active trades with just little effort.

Two new EMIRate clients from Germany and Switzerland

Within the past few days we signed to new clients in Germany and Switzerland. Getting closer to 100.

ESMA clarifies reporting and clearing of commodity trades

Due to different opinions and interpretations in some of the EU Member States ESMA has released guidelines to clarify e.g. the reporting obligations regarding commodity trades. One of the key statements of this guideline:

'9. A Regulation that is directly applicable in all the Member States cannot be applied differently as a result of different national interpretations of definitions included in a Directive. This is contrary to the spirit and objectives of the Regulation.'

This statement also indirectly emphasizes the fact, that there should not be different interpretations regarding other derivatives (e.g. FX forwards and swaps) as well.

The guideline will come into force on August 7, 2015 and applies to the NCAs (National Competent Authorities).

Cloud, SaaS and other assorted myths

Our article published on

FinfraG - Bad news for corporates?

Maybe bad, at least not so good news for Swiss corporates. The Swiss Council of States might not follow the Swiss National Council with regards to trades between NFCs, proposing that such trades should be reported.

The Swiss Council of States will discuss FinfraG on June 2, 2015.

35% of Sweden's Top 50 corporates use EMIRate

EMIRate becomes more and more popular in Sweden. Already 35% of Sweden's Top 50 corporates use EMIRate for their EMIR reporting.

FinfraG - No reporting for trades between NFCs

According to today's decision by the Swiss National Council, derivative trades between non-financial counterparties will not have to be reported under FinfraG. 

The regulation is now subject to the final approval by the Swiss Council of States.

New EMIRate client Oldendorff Carriers

We are glad to welcome Oldendorff Carriers as new EMIRate client.

New EMIRate client Jönköpings Kommun

Jönköpings Kommun

We are glad to welcome Jönköpings Kommun as new EMIRate client.

News from Mr. B.

Mr. B. seems to be on a mission. The Garfield-style mission objective seems to be: If you can't convince them, confuse them. Another 'interesting' article regarding Cloud and SaaS. Sorry guys, most of this could not be more wrong. What comes next? The Cloud does not exist? Gravity is an illusion?

New partner Treasury Services

We welcome Treasury Services as new EMIRate cooperation partner for Benelux.

TFM pilot project with one of Europe's largest construction companies

TFM has been selected by one of Europe's largest construction companies for a pilot project. The main focus of this project will be on cash flow forecasting, using TFM's new features (forecasting on account level, cash pools ...).

SaaS - and what others think, but do not know

We quite often read 'interesting' things about SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). One of the most interesting and recent statements has been published by a TMS vendor (let's call him Mr. B.) - if an application does not open instantly on a smart device, it is not web-based and therefore not a SaaS-solution, he says.

Hm, somebody has either not done his homework, or delivers such incredible statements on purpose. Either way, this sounds funny, but it is not.

By the way: TFM and EMIRate are of course SaaS-applications. Real ones.


New treasury projects

While EMIR keeps us still busy, we are also working for our clients on different other projects. Interestingly, they have one aspect in common: We create smart EXCEL solutions for reports our clients cannot obtain from their TMSs.

IFRS, risk reporting, management reporting - with a methodically correct approach no problem at all. Just the opposite - we help our clients saving their precious time.